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The Gabinete team maps NGOs and media groups working to promote press freedom

The project Frontera Crónica: Workshop on cross-border journalism and co-creation for the promotion of a critical view and the construction of other narratives on violence, women and migration is mapping the main journalistic groups and NGOs in Ibero-America that work in support of press freedom. It is also creating a directory of resources to help journalists.

This work is part of Frontera Crónica‘s objectives to offer training and informative tools and resources that help journalists to develop their work better. The aim is to enable news professionals to adapt to new news contexts and new audience profiles; content, formats and platforms. Work is also being carried out on the creation of the project’s own website.

This initiative, which included two practical workshops, two days of reflection and a series of debates, is conceived as a collaborative space for co-creation between journalists, teachers and researchers. Among its objectives are the recognition of the work of journalists in scenarios of violence, the proposal of new narratives around the borders marked by migration and violence, the facilitation of Mexican journalists working on the border with the US, and the creation of a new space for the exchange of information between journalists, teachers and researchers. The project also aims to promote the creation of a directory of resources and platforms that improve their stories and content, the generation of citizen commitment interested in learning about other types of narratives on migration, women and violence in the border region, the awareness of Mexican and UAB university students of social problems and the promotion of media literacy in journalistic and non-journalistic scenarios.

The project has the collaboration of the cybermedia Revista 5W, specialised in migration, the Gabo Foundation for Journalism, the Baja Autonomous University of Baja California (Tijuana) and the network of journalists in Mexico “Yo sí soy periodista“.