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Red Innovacom, an Ibero-American community for teaching and learning journalism

Red Innovacom, an initiative of the UAB Department of Journalism and Communication Sciences, was presented in a virtual session on 30 November. The event, which was attended by around fifty participants, presented the thematic lines and objectives of the network.

Santiago Tejedor, director of the UAB Office and the Department of Journalism, was in charge of welcoming the event. Maria José Recoder and Cristina Pulido then showed and explained to the attendees the layout of the website.

Throughout the event, the professionals, teachers, professors and researchers present exchanged educational scenarios from different Ibero-American regions. A noteworthy phenomenon that took up a large part of the debate was that which many information faculties are experiencing: students dropping out of their studies at Ibero-American universities.

One of the most important objectives agreed upon was to function as an exchange network that would benefit communication and journalism in different Ibero-American regions. In this way, the meeting focused, among other points, on analysing the challenges posed, “not only by social networks and traditional media but also by these new figures of influencers and tiktokers who pose important challenges for what is rigorous journalism”, as Recoder stated.

Finally, a review was made of the evolution of the Red Innovacom, which brings together more than a dozen Ibero-American universities. “It is a great opportunity to promote synergies between universities, to twin initiatives and to build together a space for training, reflection and growth focused on journalism and the preparation of future professionals,” Tejedor stressed.

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The Red Innovacom brings together teachers and researchers from Iberoamerica working in the field of journalism training and research. It focuses on defining and promoting lines of action to address the training challenges that the new communication scenario demands of communication professionals in three main areas: teachers, students and teaching strategies. In 2006, the 1st Conference on cyberjournalism took place: Teaching and lines of research in online journalism.