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Pere Ortín explains the keys to transmedia narratives in the UAB Planet Cycle

Pere Ortín, journalist and former director of Altaïr Magazine, took part in the eighth session of the Planeta UAB lecture series, an initiative of the Gabinete de Comunicación y Educación aimed at students of its master’s degrees.

This cycle of conferences is part of the project “Planet UAB: The journey to the other – equals in differences” organised by the Gabinete de Comunicación y Educación during the academic year 2020-2021, with the support of the Fons de Solidaritat of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, which organised a series of activities and awareness-raising actions based on the concept of the UAB campus as a “planet” and which dealt with major issues such as the culture of peace, sustainability, the environment and interculturality, among others.

Students of the Master’s in Travel Journalism, the Master’s in Environmental Communication and the Master’s in Communication and Education took part in this eighth session with Pere Ortín, entitled ‘The transmedia challenge: ingredients of a good story’. The journalist spoke to the students about the unconventional use of the archive and showed some of his work such as ‘One day I saw 10,000 elephants’, ‘The white girl’ or ‘The deserts of Sonora’.

The creator of #PeriodismoDadá highlighted the relevant role of transmedia narratives in storytelling, as they “allow us to approach other realities far beyond conventional language and pose a narrative challenge, focusing on observation, imagination and language”.

Pere Ortín has been director of the travel culture and journalistic chronicle Altaïr Magazine for 10 years and during his professional career he has been a scriptwriter, presenter and reporter for Televisión Española (TVE) and the newspaper La Vanguardia in Barcelona. Director and producer of documentary films such as Africalls?, Le Mal d’Afrique, La niña blanca and El gran Pachinko; author of books such as Mbini. Cazadores de imágenes; screenwriter of the feature film Un día vi 10.000 elefantes; and editor in Spain of books such as Palmeras de la brisa rápida by Juan Villoro and Postales by Martín Caparrós and co-editor of the book El mejor periodismo está por venir. He has developed, directed and produced transmedia and interactive projects such as Los Desiertos de Sonora.