Pandemials. La adolescencia en tiempos de coronavirus’, new book by the Gabinete de Comunicación y Educación

The Gabinete de Comunicación y Educación UAB publishes the interactive book Pandemials. Adolescence in times of coronavirus. This work, directed by Santiago Tejedor , is the result of the Montserrat Roig Award for journalism and social communication of Barcelona 2020 in the category “Promotion of journalistic research in the field of social welfare in Barcelona”. The journalists and UAB lecturers Plàcid Garcia-Planas, Diana Sanjinés and Cristina Pulido collaborated on the project.

This work presents 10 chronicles of stories of adolescents of different ages, neighbourhoods and profiles who lived through the period of pandemic and confinement in solitude. Loneliness and mental health is the common thread of this interactive multimedia book, which is enriched with QR codes and includes video and audio interviews with experts, surveys and a list of resources and projects related to this topic. The prologue has been written by the writer Martín Caparrós.

“The journalistic research project Pandemials: Adolescence in times of coronavirus presents a descriptive, explanatory and exploratory work on how adolescents in Barcelona have lived the stage of forced confinement imposed by the coronavirus: their longings, their fears, their expectations, their frustrations, their bonds of friendship, their family life and the inevitable management of loneliness”.

The book answers the questions of how the Covid-19 pandemic is emerging and will affect adolescents in the near future, what role adolescents have given to social networks and other technological platforms as a result of the pandemic, how they understand and coexist with loneliness and how their relationship with their families and friends has changed. This includes a survey of 272 teenagers in the province of Barcelona to find out about their experiences of loneliness and 10 interviews with experts, teachers, social educators, anthropologists, journalists and psychologists: Carme Polina , technician of the Municipal Strategy against loneliness 2020-2030 of the Barcelona City Council, José Luis Adam , professor at the Faculty of Education of the International University of Catalonia, Raquel Terribas , Social Educator of the service ‘Aquí t’Escoltem’, Evaristo González , director of Institute and lecturer on ICT, Jaume Clavé , social educator of the service ‘Aquí t’escoltem’, José María Perceval , professor of journalism UAB, Lorena Campo Aráuz , doctor in Health, Psychology and Psychiatry, Joaquín Limonero , coordinator of the Research Group Stress and Health (GIES) of the UAB, Ingeborg Porcar , psychologist and director of the Unit of Trauma, Crisis and Conflicts UAB, and Jordi Grau professor of Social Anthropology UAB.

The book is available in Spanish and Catalan at the following links: Pandemials Castellano / Pandemials Catalán

This research was the winner of the Montserrat Roig Award for journalism and social communication in Barcelona 2020 in the category “Promotion of journalistic research in the field of social welfare in Barcelona“. This award is a Barcelona City Council initiative that has been running for 28 years. Its purpose is to highlight good journalism in Barcelona and to celebrate the legacy of the journalist Montserrat Roig. The award vindicates journalism away from fake news, disinformation and information pollution.

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