José Antonio Zarzalejos inaugurated the 1st Cycle of Conversations: Values of Journalism in Times of Crisis

José Antonio Zarzalejos, a law graduate, analyst and columnist who contributes to various media such as RTVE, El Confidencial and El Periódico, successfully inaugurated the 1st Cycle of Conversations: Journalism Values in Times of Crisis. During the event, the future of journalism and its role in today’s society were debated.

“I believe that journalism is irreversibly affected by a disease that is not terminal, but very serious. The lack of democratic quality that is being experienced in many societies has to do with the lack of social dignity of journalism”, Zarzalejos commented after a brief introduction about his career.

The event concluded by highlighting the transformation of the media and the necessary use of technologies to adapt to the changes imposed by this global era.

This initiative, organised by the Gabinete de Comunicación y Educación and the Unesco Chair, is a series of talks and colloquiums with renowned journalists, researchers and entrepreneurs from all over the world, to initiate dialogue, debate and collaboration in order to rethink the traditional values and practices of journalism.

Watch the video summaries of the event: