1st Conversations Cycle: Values ​​of journalism in times of crisis

The Communication and Education Cabinet and the Unesco Chair organize the First Conversation Cycle: Values ​​of Journalism in Times of Crisis. It is a series of talks and talks with renowned journalists, researchers and entrepreneurs from around the world, to start a work of dialogue, debate and collaboration that allows to rethink the values ​​and traditional practices of journalism.

The cycle will open on June 19 with the participation of José Antonio Zarzalejos, Law graduate, analyst and columnist who collaborates in various media such as RTVE, El Confidencial and El Periódico. During the next months conversations will take place with Pepa Roma, journalist and writer; Martín Caparrós, Argentine writer and journalist; María Eugenia Mosquera, general director of Vale TV channel in Venezuela; David Jiménez, journalist and writer; Josep Carles Rius, journalist and professor of journalism at the UAB.

For more information, consult the document program of the 1st Conversation Cycle: Values ​​of journalism in times of crisis that you will find in the following link: values-of-journalism-in-times-of-crisis